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Ivy Tech Speech Team Showcase – a Review

15 Apr


The Ivy Tech Speech Team has qualified five speakers to the National Forensics Association Speech Tournament, and today I was extraordinarily lucky to experience the seven qualifying speeches.
The event began with the President of the team, Jessie, giving her persuasive speech about properly labeling products that contain genetically modified ingredients. She immediately set the tone by giving us a speech packed with sourced information.
Next Latoya presented the only informative speech. She talked about the future of plastics, specifically about self-repairing plastics. She opened my eyes to a topic I had not even considered before.
Jon gave a persuasive about the real perils of ADHD. He covered the abudant use of aderol and how that is a problem of its own, without overshadowing the main theme.
Next up was Jessie again, doing a duo interpretation with her husband Juan of a scene from “Secret to my Success.” This was the only time I got confused, it was half-way theactrical and yet informative, but it was clearly well done with the message that relationships between co-workers is always tricky.
Latoya gave her own persuasive speech about raising the minimum wage. For me this was the clear highlight of the presentation, because I barely took notes to hear more on the topic. I think this is the best representation of knowing your audience, for they absorbed this speech like a sponge.
Another highlight was Jessie again, she did a limited prep speech, she was given a random quote from the audience. With only 90 seconds, she took Condoleezza Rice’s quote of “It doesn’t matter where you came from, it matters only where you’re going,” and crafted a structured speech. I was impressed.
Lastly, Betsy gave a persuasive speech about human trafficking. It wasanother eye-opener about one of the largest criminal problems in the world.