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Art Camp 2012

24 Oct

Jean Hensley, one of our staff photographers, recently went to Art Camp 2012. She had the opportunity to take some amazing photographs. We hope you enjoy them. You can see more of Hensley’s work at her Facebook page.

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New Writers for the Insider

11 Sep

New Writers for the Insider

Please welcome our newest writers to the Insider staff! Kyle Baer (pictured left) is joining us as a music correspondent and Emily Sobecki will be our new sports correspondent. We are pleased and proud to have them join their voices with ours.

New Online Media Editor

29 Aug

Greetings faculty, alumni, and fellow students of Ivy Tech Community College! My name is Zac Deer. I am a relatively new student pursuing my AS in Information Security with Honors. I have a real passion for social media. Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr are exciting platforms to connect and share with people, and I am most definitely an Instagram addict. However, my main hobby is PC gaming. I am also co-leader and admin for my gaming guild that has nearly 375 members. I am very excited to be here as the new Online Media Editor for the Campus Insider.

In terms of sheer numbers, Ivy Tech’s students are a clear majority among Hoosiers attending secondary education. However, our voice is relatively small in contrast to that number. The disparity is actually almost appalling. Fortunately, this is the gap that the Campus Insider wants to fill.

My vision is not to bring content online, but to build a strong community. I want to engage the faculty, alumni, and mostly importantly the students in what is going on inside and outside of our campus. One of the most important aspects of college life is the network and connections you create, so I enjoin all the readers of the Campus Insider to come and have a real discussion.

I hope to bring that concept to our Facebook, Twitter, and most importantly, our blog.