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February Issue Sneak Peek: The “Staycation” is in for Spring Break!

16 Feb

Written by Joseph Black for The Campus Insider

We’re only a few weeks into the Spring 2017 semester, but many students and faculty alike are already looking forward to welcoming Spring Break with open arms. But while the thought of having a week-long break from school or work sounds like the ideal time to start planning your trip to the Bahamas, the reality is that most of us are college students on a tight budget. Not too many of us have the kind of money to make the dream beach vacation happen!

For many of us, planning a “Staycation” here in town will be what this year’s Spring Break consists of. And who could blame us? There’s a whole list of reasons why staying at home during Spring Break could prove beneficial:

  • You’ll save money! Rather than spending it on travel, lodging, and souvenirs, you’ll have all that extra money to spend on more important things later on!
  • You’ll save time! You can save an extra day or more doing other activities rather than being cooped up in a car or airplane.
  • You’ll save energy! Whereas your friends coming back from the beach are going to need a nap and do three weeks-worth of laundry before they’re prepared for Monday morning!
  • No packing ! You won’t stress yourself out trying to figure out how to fit everything into one carry-on for your flight!
  • Easy or NO planning! You’re not going to have to figure out who’ll come feed your dog while you’re gone or determine when the best time to hit the lido deck will be.

But you’re probably thinking cuddling up to a good book or your Netflix account sounds like a pretty lame way to spend Spring Break. Fortunately for you, there’s plenty of great activities you can do right here at home. Keep reading for our full guide!


Can you easily say that you have been to all the most interesting places in Indianapolis? If not, then there is never a better time to start acting like a tourist in your own town than now! Use your free time to walk, drive, or bike around town just for fun. Explore roads and areas that you’ve never turned down before. Check out the various historical places around Downtown! Indy is especially proud of its six cultural districts: The Canal and White River State Park, Fountain Square, Indiana Avenue, Mass Ave, Market East, and the Wholesale District. Extra points if you explore all six this Spring Break! Even download an app on your phone to go Geocaching, the real-world treasure hunt activity that utilizes your phone’s GPS while you’re on the go!


If you have kids you want to bring along, there’s no better activity than heading for our state’s great parks! Indianapolis itself is home to the beautiful Eagle Creek State Park, White River State Park, Fort Harrison State Park, Garfield Park, and Holliday Park – not to mention smaller neighborhood parks. If you need some fresh air, want to toss around some ball, or simply head out for a picnic, you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with these gorgeous pieces of nature!


If you’re an animal lover or have children who are, the Indianapolis Zoo is open daily until 4:00pm throughout most of Ivy Tech’s Spring Break! Admission rates during the early parts of the year through mid-March are also much lower due to lighter attendance during the cooler months, so come check out the cold-weather animals, dolphin presentation, and the tropical escape inside the Hilbert Conservatory! And just because you’re on break from school doesn’t mean you have to stop learning! In addition to the Zoo, many of Indy’s museums including the Indiana State Museum, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Children’s Museum, and the Eiteljorg Museum all vary in their discounted rates for students, seniors, children, museum members and more!


If you only associate the library with a quiet place to study for your final exams, it’s time to change your thinking! Many public libraries, especially the Indianapolis Public Library, offer members much more than simple book rental. Very few potential library card holders realize that the library can also be your one-stop shop for home entertainment with the ability to rent movies and music. If you have your own eReader like a Kindle or Nook, many libraries also allow you to access eBooks for free as well! Public libraries also often host affordable or even free classes, workshops, lectures, events for kids and teens, and many other public events!


Still looking for more ideas that you can do even closer to home? Close your eyes, point your finger to a random spot on this list, and do one of the following!

  • Play paintball with friends.
  • Go to a production at a local theater (IndyFringe and Footlite Musicals are great AND cheap!)
  • Put together a board or video game night with your friends or family!
  • Go camping!
  • Go taste-testing at your favorite brewery or winery (Indiana’s home to Sun King, Fountain Square, Tow Yard, Taxman, Easley, Oliver Winery, Upland Brewing, and TONS more!)
  • Throw a dinner party with your nearest and dearest friends!
  • Take a bicycle or motorcycle ride!
  • Host a movie night or TV series marathon with your friends or family!
  • Check out that new favorite restaurant, bar, café, or other interesting place that keeps catching your eye!
  • Organize your thoughts and feelings by starting a journal with a pen and notebook. If you prefer to write digitally for other people, you can even start up a blog!
  • Join a local group on Facebook or Reddit dedicated to something you’re really interested in like pottery, clean eating, local music, video games, and virtually anything else! There’s ALWAYS someone who shares your passion!
  • Spring cleaning your room or whole home! Out with the old and in with the new!
  • Volunteer at some local organizations you really support like your local animal shelter or a soup kitchen.
  • Nap! Having free time means there’s no better time to get caught up on sleep and start feeling refreshed!
  • Host a themed evening. Bring your ideal vacation to you instead by cooking an authentic recipe, putting on some music from the region, and even dress and decorate like you’re anywhere but here!
  • Go swimming (if it’s warm enough)! No pool available? Jump through the sprinklers or load up the water guns and balloons and start a water fight!

Whatever you decide to do this Spring Break, remember to have common sense, to stay safe, and make good choices!