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Taped Up

26 Feb


Within the past few weeks, anonymously crafted tape sculptures such as this one have been appearing on campus inside of the Illinois Fall Creek Center. It is definitely entertaining to see the reactions of others shaking their heads, but what is the purpose of these seemingly random objects? My Humanities professor said in class that art makes you feel something. Do these additions to the IFC make you feel something? If so, does that make them art?


Spring 2013: Week 4

4 Feb

Welcome to week four of the semester! That means we finished the first quarter of the semester! This is also the week that most students anticipate, the time for the financial aid refunds. If you want to receive text alerts, visit, select User Profile and then Mobile Alerts.

  • Transfer Representatives; if you are interested in transferring to a 4-year college or university, there will be several transfer representatives on campus this week. The list includes Butler University, IUPUI (Informatics & Business), Indiana Wesleyan University, and more. For more information, stop by the Transfer Center in NMC 137.
  • Lantern Festival; come celebrate the end of the lunar New Year with the Asian Student Intercultural Association on the Lawrence campus on Tuesday, February 19th in room F136. The one-hour festivities begin at noon.
  • Nina Scholars Application Workshop; come get plenty of tips for making the best possible application for the Nina Scholars program. There are six scholarships awarded each year. The one-hour workshop starts at 6pm in library room 107 at NMC on Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 13th and 14th

Ivy Tech Sports: Say No to Drugs

1 Feb

by Caitlyn Morton

While drugs and alcohol may be a problem at many other colleges, athletic coordinator Jason Roth says different for Ivy Tech. “Since I’ve been athletic coordinator, we haven’t had any problems with drugs or alcohol,” says Roth.

Under Ivy Tech’s student rules, there is no tolerance for any illegal drug use. Students are also not allowed to drink alcohol while at school events. These are the same guidelines the Ivy Tech athletic department uses for student athletes. Currently, there is not any kind of random drug tests for the athletes, but that may change in the near future.

As of right now, Ivy Tech is transferring from club to national in sports. Athletes will now be held to a much higher standard under national rules. “The players will be looked at as more of student athletes than just average students. They’ll be looked at under a microscope as athletes,” says Roth.


Vandalized Car Found in Parking Garage

1 Feb

Vandalized Car Found in Parking Garage

On Thursday, January 30, 2013, a student encountered this scene. Thankfully, it was the car next to hers. Only two months ago, one of our writers talked about safety on campus. (Click through for the article.) If you have any questions or concerns about your safety on campus, please visit