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Spring 2013: Week 3

29 Jan

Welcome to week three of the Spring 2013 semester! Now that the blush of new classes has faded, we march onwards to midterms. After the Student Involvement Fair, I hope everyone has found some amazing new friends on campus. I certainly met a lot of new faces at the Campus Insider table during the fair. It was a pleasure meeting each and every one of you.

  • Build on the Basics of Success Week: The Student Success Center is having a week focused on providing students with workshops offering various topics such as managing your time, stay financially secure, and organization. They are offering a workshop everyday this week, full details can be found on Campus Connect!
  • Muslin Student Association: The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is having a callout meeting this Tuesday at 4p in IFC 210.
  • Steward Speaker Series: The Ivy Tech Community College’s Central Indiana Region has a community partnership with Steward Speaker Series. Two speakers will be offered for Black History Month. The first speaker will be fitness expert Donna Joyner Richardson. She will talk about having a healthy lifestyle and increasing your physical activity. You can listen to Ms. Joyner speak at Madame Walker Theatre next Monday at 7:30p

Senate bill proposes a power shift

25 Jan

On January 17, 2013, state Senator Mike Young (R-Indianapolis) filed Senate Bill #621. This bill is focused on changing the structure of the Indianapolis/Marion County local government. The proposed changes include removing the four At-Large seats on the City-County Council, enlarging the mayor’s veto powers, and giving the mayor the power to appoint two more members to the metropolitan development commission.

From the bill digest, “Effective January 1, 2016, [this bill] reduces the membership of the city-county council from 29 to 25 members by eliminating the members elected at large.” Our current City-County Council has 29 seats, with the Republicans holding a 13-12 majority in the districts, however the four At-Large seats give the Democrats a 16-13 majority currently. According to Jon Murray of the Indianapolis Star, “Young said his motivation wasn’t partisan.” Murray also writes that Republican Party members have wanted those seats eliminated to keep the council competitive with the “increasingly Democratic Marion County.”

For our Republican mayor Greg Ballard, he would gain the power to “reduce or modify separate items of an ordinance appropriating money or levying a tax.” The mayoral office currently has the power to approve or veto under the same circumstances.

These are only three components of the entire proposed bill, but it is clear this bill is a potential shift in power.

Involvement Fair Today!

23 Jan

Come visit our table at the the student involvement fair today in IFC, from 11a – 2p. We are looking for writers, photographers, and other contributors.

Spring 2013: Week 2

21 Jan

“Nineteen sixty-three is not an end, but a beginning.” – Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr

Fifty years ago in August, an outcry from the people rang true about civil rights and new beginnings. During this second week of the Spring 2013 session, I hope everyone will make new beginnings in remembrance of Martin Luther King, Jr. If you didn’t spend today in service, perhaps take a moment to do something for someone else.

Here are some highlights for this week:

  • Student Involvement Fair. Come get involved on campus! This will be a resource style fair to learn more information about the Office of Student Life and our various ways to get involved. There will be a lot of options, including recreation sports, athletics, student organizations, and volunteer opportunities. Student Organizations will host tables with information about their activities, meetings, and how to join! (Source: Campus Connect)
    • The Campus Insider team is looking for writers and other contributors, we’ll see you at the fair!
  • Odeon Society Auditions. The Odeon Society Student Drama Club will present a night of short plays written, directed and acted by Ivy Tech students on Saturday, 2/2 at 8 pm.  Auditions for acting roles will take place on Friday, 1/25 at 7 p.m.  More than 20 roles are available; auditions are open to any Ivy Tech student.  In addition to attending auditions, actors must be available on the evening of 2/1 and all day 2/2. (Source: Campus Connect)

Spring 2013: Week 1

15 Jan

Welcome to Spring 2013 students, faculty, and staff of Ivy Tech Community College of Central Indiana! Like other semesters, there are a lot of activities coming your way in the first couple of weeks. Here are some highlights for this week.

  • Career Services will have another Welcome Week Recruiting event in the Illinois Fall Creek Building Lobby from 11am-2pm. As usual, you can visit to see additional employers that will be on campus. Contact Career Services at 921-4881 with any questions.
  • CoExist, the gay-straight alliance group on campus, will be fundraising by selling gigantic individually wrapped Flying Cupcakes from 11a-2p this Weds and Thurs in the TECHC building lobby.
  • If you’re interested in attending the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology at IUPUI, they will be visiting our campus this Friday! There’ll be information about scholarship criteria and more. Contact Kimberly McClish at 916-7585 for more information.
  • Don’t forget, January 14 through 25 is the official DROP/ADD period. Also any additions or changes in your course registration for SPRING semester courses will be accepted only until January 19. Contact the registrar office for more details.

Have a great week and don’t forget that you can only make one first impression!


New Members Wanted

11 Jan

New Members Wanted

CAB Spirituality

9 Jan

by Imani Palmer

On Monday, November 12, Ivy Tech’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) held an event looking to educate students , by bringing in guest speakers to talk about their spirituality, and how it offers a sense of peace for a person whose heart is breaking, or is thirsting for something more. 

 Rabbi Lewis Weiss, a religious leader who attended CAB Spirituality at Ivy Tech said, “I feel religion deals with the most fundamental and important issues in human existence. For me, Judaism offers some of the most meaningful and sensitive answers to contemporary dilemmas.”

 Other religions are growing higher with popularity. To some, the actual word Religion puts a sudden fear in their stomach, or for others, religion simply doesn’t interest them, and want nothing to do with it.  At Ivy Tech, a special meeting took place, CAB Spirituality. Instead of focusing on the “right” religion, CAB Spirituality focused on many religions that were heard and unheard of, and by attending, students, staff and faculty could gain a better understanding of these specific religions and gain a sense of spirituality. The four religions that had the pleasure of attending were Christian, Baha’i, Sikh Faith, and Judaism. Its religious leaders were all very warm and welcoming, and embraced each other with acceptance, and judgment was nowhere to be found.

 Jessie K. Wangeman, the Vice President of Ivy Tech’s Campus Activities Board and organizer of the CAB Spirituality event, was asked what knowledge she wanted all who attended to walk away knowing;

 “I really want people to do their research on their own on these religions. I want them to respect other faiths and religions. There should be more pluralism, so that we all can be together for a common goal and allows us to come together to achieve that one goal,” Wangeman said.

Kingsley Agho, Ivy Tech student and Vice President of Student Government Association, is also the leader of Christ Rehoboth Ministries. Agho said, “Knowledge is power! I was interested when I heard of the many religions at the event, and I never heard of Baha’i Faith before. I went home and actually did research on it.” He went on to say how he appreciated the fact that no one was pointing fingers and saying who’s religion was most accurate.

In regards to his beliefs and the turn out of the event, Agho added, “I don’t view Christianity as a religion anyway; I believe Christianity is by faith. I loved the event because it wasn’t to make people focus on religion, but instead to extend love to everyone. That is also the purpose of Christianity, to share love.”