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Art Camp 2012

24 Oct

Jean Hensley, one of our staff photographers, recently went to Art Camp 2012. She had the opportunity to take some amazing photographs. We hope you enjoy them. You can see more of Hensley’s work at her Facebook page.

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Fall Festivities

22 Oct

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As Hoosiers, and even more so as residents of the central Indiana region, we have the amazing opportunity to experience so much local culture. Now October has arrived, the leaves explode into a variety of bright vibrant colors, the air is permeated with that cool, crisp pleasant feeling, and that aforementioned culture sizzles to life with multitudes of fall festivals. Hauntings will be constructed, cider will be crafted, and pumpkins will be carved. There will be music and celebrations, scares and libations. October is here.

And we have barely begun the month. In late September, before the life of a full-time student began to engulf me, I had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite locations for a day trip, Brown County. Brown County has a rich and diverse history, spanning over 100 years. It started as an artist colony, home to T.C. Steele and his impressionist artwork, but has now evolved into the rustic and beloved tourist destination that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Nashville General Store & Bakery
After parking by the public restrooms and crossing the tiny creek on a simple bridge, we encounter a screen door as the only guardian to the inner depths of the store, while the exterior is rustic and charming, with various bric-a-brac carefully strewn about the porch area. It is immediately warm and inviting, the smell of cinnamon and freshly baked bread rolling out as we enter. The tightly packed shelves, the narrow walking space, and the country Christian music, when takenindividually, would just drive me to the brink. However, when wrapped together this way, it makes you feel welcome. It is as if the cool veneer of urban life gets scrubbed away to a nice healthy glow.

We came here with a singular purpose; to taste the enormous cinnamon buns we’ve heard so much about. A friend of the family had raved about them, so we were determined to give them a shot. We selected one behind the glass and the matron promptly nuked it for a few seconds to warm it up. The faint overtone of cream cheese in the frosting wafted across to us as she carried the warm dessert to the register. She was dressed in business casual attire, which struck a distinct chord with me because it so jarred with the at-home feeling of the surroundings. She was friendly and warm like the establishment and asked if we were sitting inside or out. She instructed us that paper towels were available in the eating area. And so they were, the décor and merchandise spilled into another room with several large tables covered finely printed cloths and, as promised, a roll of paper towels. We sat down and savored our conquest, while around us others we settling into their repast as well. We made idle chit-chat with the others in the room, then cleaned up and headed out to experience a wonderful day in this amazing Hoosier gem.



National Latino AIDS Awareness Day

15 Oct

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day

Today is National Latino AIDS Awareness Day, representatives from the Campus Activities Board are present in the IFC to spread awareness and discuss your options in prevention.