SGA Approves Bylaws

27 Jan

By Rick Belbutosk


  On Tuesday December 6, 2011 at 12:05pm in room T205 the Student Government Association, SGA, gathered to approve a set of new bylaws. 

  A bylaw is a standing rule governing the regulation of an organization. Every Student Life organization on campus has either a set bylaws or a constitution. The SGA was operating without a set of bylaws for the 2011 fall semester. 

  “It’s essential to start the new semester with a clear and concise set of guidelines,” Anda Apine, Vice President of SGA said. 

  The set of Bylaws that the SGA was previously operating under was 21 articles long. However, The Communications and Bylaws committee worked to streamline the document down to eight articles. 

  The current set of bylaws begins by documenting something simple, the official title of the SGA. 

  Article two houses the SGA’s mission statement: 

“The SGA shall be to promote the higher educational standards and co-curricular experiences of Ivy Tech Community College – Central Indiana contiguous to the general welfare of all students. This shall be accomplished through the proper attendance to and legislative discourse of all concerns, viewpoints, and interests regarding issues facing students, at Ivy Tech Community College – Central Indiana. Through proper representation of the constituency, the SGA shall do everything within its ability to improve the higher educational standards and co-curricular experiences here at Ivy Tech Community College – Central Indiana.” 

  Other articles continue on to set the standards a student must maintain for membership in the SGA as well as describing the process of how the SGA holds elections as well as removes members. 

  Article six describes the procedure the SGA utilizes to conduct business, such as the vote required to approve the bylaws themselves. *Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised edition are the standard. 

  The new copy of the bylaws was last amended on November 8, 2011. 

  The vote to approve the new set of bylaws passed with the two third’s majority required by the SGA. There were four votes in favor and one abstention. 


*Robert’s Rules is a book of rules for presiding over a meeting; written by Henry M. Martin in 1876 and subsequently updated through many editions. 


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