Al Atkins, Director of Student Conduct and Community Stardards

21 Dec

By Rick Belbutoski


If a student didn’t know where it was, it wouldn’t be hard to walk right by Alphonso Atkins’s office on the fourth floor of The North Meridian Center. What used to be a Student Life and Development storage closet is now the home base for the new Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

The goal of the office is to celebrate our unique community of diverse learners and professionals by maintaining the college’s commitment to academic and personal integrity, civil and ethical conduct, and institutional equity and inclusion.

Atkins took over these responsibilities early during the fall 2011 semester. As he assumed his new office, another change was made at Ivy Tech that will affect the students. A new Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities was adopted. The 39 page pdf can be accessed by clicking on the “about” tab at the top of your screen when you land at and then clicking on “student rights” in the drop down menu. Students, staff, and faculty are being encouraged to become familiar with this new document.

If a student is accused of breaking the code Atkins is responsible for presiding over the investigation. There is a wide variety of sanctions he is allowed to impose, “But I’m not trying to kick students out of school,” Atkins said.

Atkins up to this point has been spreading the word about his goals by passing out pamphlets. However, he hopes that information will be more easily accessible in the near future.


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