Ivy Tech’s Health and Wellness

13 Dec

By Jen Burnham


Push for fitness center at North Meridian Campus gains momentum

Questions about whether there will ever be a health and wellness center at the Indianapolis Ivy Tech Campus have been circulating. A health and wellness center offers a place to become emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy. Research shows that if students are physically active, they are more likely to be more clear-headed during class, focused on homework, motivated to pursue higher goals, and less stressed which all leads to fewer personal problems.

Adrienne Garcia, the assistant coordinator of Student and Life Development, is asking the student body of Ivy Tech: “Who will step up to the plate?” She is waiting for one courageous student to come forward to start a petition and to seek help from the Student Government Association (SGA).

The more people there are who can sign the petition (non-electronically), the greater chance there will be of persuading the school to invest in a wellness center. In order to petition, students must first know exactly what they are looking for in a health and wellness center. Without a large number of student signatures on the petition, there won’t be good reasoning for why the school should invest in the center. Students can also take the nitiative of looking for outside donations because money is a big factor on adding a center to a campus. Creating a whole new building can cost a lot of money, so that is why Garcia thinks it is necessary to utilize the space we have now. She has been in contact with a Zumba instructor and plans on having Zumba classes available for students in the near future. There are also Stress Relief Exercise Workshops that are currently being provided on Mondays and Wednesdays at Lawrence and on Fridays at the North Meridian Campus.

Students can contact Garcia for additional information. Garcia is looking for students to join the health and wellness task Ivy Tech’s Health and Wellness Push for fitness center at North Meridian Campus gains momentum. Exercise equipment for students and staff in the Lafayette Campus’s Health and Wellness Center force that she recently has been working on. This is her first year working at Ivy Tech, and she really wants to see student involvement increase. This committee will ideally consist of students and employees from different areas who can learn from one another and help promote healthy lifestyles at Ivy Tech.


One Response to “Ivy Tech’s Health and Wellness”

  1. Tyler Turnipseed December 29, 2011 at 3:16 pm #

    I have only just recently registered for classes and enrolled at ivytech (yesterday). The one thing I felt like this college is missing compared to other colleges I’ve looked into over the years is a fitness center of sorts.

    With my primary goal this new year being to retake up running again after my IT Band injury, It’s way too costly to afford physical therapy, gym membership fees, or purchase my own exercise equipment.

    I can personally attest to the great amount of satisfaction with myself, the overall boost in self-esteem/confidence, and general happiness that came with running and pursuing my fitness goals. Excercise is a fantastic way to vent frustrations, clear our minds, and feel good about ourselves. It also helped me sleep better at night.

    This school needs a health and wellness center. Show me where to sign!

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