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Summer Swimming Spots

11 Jul

By: Rick Belbutoski


Now that the spring semester has been completed and summer classes are in full swing, students at Ivy Tech as well as people in the

surrounding communities are looking to “beat the heat.” Every two weeks you can count on The Campus Insider to provide you with information on how to do just that. For our first installment of this summer series, here is some information about swimming pools that are open to the public in and around Indianapolis.

Residents of Indianapolis can swim in is the IU natatorium at IUPUI. This pool, at 901 West New York Street, hosts college and high school swimming championships and once was utilized for the swimming competition in the 1987 Pan American games that took place in Indianapolis. The IU Natatorium offers public swimming from 5:00am – 8:00pm Mon. – Thurs. and 5am-4pm on Fri. Swimming classes for all ages are also available. It is $6 per visit but there are various packages available for summer swimming. Call (317) 274-3518 for more details.

George Washington Community School Pool is another fine option for public swimming this summer. The school is located at 2215 West Washington Street, Indianapolis. The cost is minimal-only $1.50 for children and $2.50 for adults and is open Tue. and Thurs. from 4:30-6:30 pm and Sat. from 12:00pm – 4:00pm. More information is available by calling (317) 327-5918.

Our third option for public swimming is going to be serving those of you living on the west side of Indianapolis. ‎Nrannert Park at 605 South High School Road is offering both indoor and outdoor swimming pools to the public this summer. It’s open seven days a week from 12:00pm-6:00pm. For kids ages 3-17 it’s $3 a swim and  for adults it’s $4, but those prices are increased a dollar on the weekend. For more info call (317) 327-7375.

While Nrannert park may be a convenient place for people living on the west side to swim, students on the north side may be better served by the public swimming held at The Broad Ripple Park Pool, located at 1450 Broad Ripple Ave. The park is open 11:00am-6:00pm Mon.-Sat. and 12:00pm-6:00pm on Sunday. Children and seniors swim for just $2 a visit and adults are only $3. For more details, call (317) 327-7333.


Indy 500 2011

11 Jul

By: Mary Lacy


The thrills and chills of the Indianapolis 500 began hours before the race even started.  In fact, this year there were many events and family days at the track the week leading up to the race. There was a pace car reunion day when several decades of the famous pace cars and their proud owners shined on the motor track through the infield.  Any car lover could appreciate the differences from 100 years ago until today’s Special edition Chevrolet Camero Convertible that lead the laps beginning on May 29 at noon.

This year the Indy 500 started early, but I was glad because it had been a long day for us all. Several hours before the race even begins, there is anticipation and excitement in the stands, the infield and in the garages.  Though I was unable to find out what specific traditions the drivers have before the race begins, I was able to share traditions before the race with my friends and many others on the infield this year.  From the Stealth Bomber fly-over that drowned out the whooping and hollering of the crowd, to the newest tradition of jumping the hot wheels car all of the pre-race activities got the crowd revved up and ready for the race to start.  The hot wheels car jumped a track 235 feet after being winched up with a stunt driver in it.  It was an event that many came early to see, and hopefully this event will become a new tradition for years to come.

For this 100th year of racing, the Marmon “Wasp” took a lap: this was the first car that won the 500 race back in 1911.  Past racers such as Mario Andretti took laps along with school marching bands, Miss Indiana, and Miss Teen Indiana.  The closer the start of the race got, the more people showed up and the track felt alive.  Jim Neighbors sang “Back Home Again in Indiana,” the late Tom Carnegie, “Voice of the Speedway” was honored, Kelly Clarkson and Seal sang the National Anthem, and then Mari Hulman George said her famous, “Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines.”  That’s when the real thunder began to roll, on the track and in our hearts.

In an interview after the race, with Channel 13 news, both Tony Kanaan, and the winner this year Dan Wheldon, agree that the INDY 500 is full of traditions and history. Although I was cheering for Tony Kanaan, who snuck by many during the hot 200 laps, it was Dan Wheldon who flew past rookie DJ Hildebran when he made a “rookie mistake” that landed him against the wall and in second place sliding across the finish line.

The race was a clean one; the caution flag was only out twice and despite the small track, this race has the biggest pay out.  The 2010 winner of the Indy 500, Dario Franchitti, drove out with $2.75 million.  According to Fox 59 Sports, this year Dan Wheldon won $13,509,485 overall with $2.5 million for the win.  The race was loud and I suggest anyone who goes to take plenty of water and ear plugs, but besides the hot sun, everyone was friendly and seemed to be there for the same reason, to have a fun day watching the race and making memories.

Bernie the Bear’s Date Ideas: Students on a Budget

11 Jul

By: Jeremy Williams


When people see Bernie the Bear walking around Ivy Tech, they automatically assume, “Oh my goodness, how could he possibly relate to “average Joes” like me who are struggling to get through college? How can I get girls to fawn over me like Bernie does?” The answer is: you can’t. Nobody has as much flair as Bernie, but you can have an enjoyable time with a really cool girl or guy without going broke. I present to you date ideas for those with only $25 dollars to spare. Twenty-five bucks is not much, but if you’re spending more than that on a date, you’re sending out the wrong message anyway. I am going to assume you both have bought your Ivy Tech bus passes to get around the city….

Dollar movies are all around the city. There are theaters that show slightly older films than the regular full price theaters. The Cinemark Washington Market 8, across the street from the Washington Square Mall, has tickets that only cost $1.75. Once inside, you can purchase a combo with 2 large drinks and a large popcorn for about $15. Total price of a dollar movie date: 2 tickets @ $1.75 each + $15 combo= $18.50

“Make It A Blockbuster Night” by renting a movie for no more than $5.00 for 3 nights, and buying some good ol’ Orville Reddenbacher Popcorn from Kroger for $3.00. You will have a date in the privacy of your own home. It may lack the eventful feeling you get from going to the actual theater, but there are no sticky floors or ladies with big hair-dos blocking the screen. The total price of renting a movie at home: rental movie for $5 + popcorn for $3= $8.00.

A walk around the canal for Indianapolis youth, is the date to have. It’s romantic and it’s absolutely FREE!!!! You can grab a few bites to eat from the Circle Centre mall and have a picnic on the shore. You can rent one of those mini boats to navigate the waters of the canal for $20 dollars. On the right dates, you can even catch free events on the canal. Regardless of the extra sides you choose to add to the date, you can enjoy a 100% free walk around the canal, simply talking and getting to know one another.

Arcades such as Gameworks at the top of the Circle Centre mall offer plenty of video game enjoyment for various prices. You can throw $20 dollars on a game card, and use the other $5 dollars for refreshments. Nothing’s sweeter than a heated competition on Dance Dance Revolution or the Air Hockey tables. Bernie knows a few young ladies that are in need of a bear beatdown on the DDR dance floor. It will be a fun date and one to remember.A word of caution: competition will cause you to easily spend money you didn’t anticipate spending so be careful. It will be best for you not to bring any money you don’t want to lose redeeming your good name in Air Hockey.

Going out to eat at most establishments, from McDonald’s on the dollar menu all the way up to Golden Corral, $25 dollars is sufficient to feed 2 adults a meal and a dessert.

There are a lot more things that you can do for under $25 dollars not listed here. The most important thing on a date is not how much money you spend or the activities you do, it’s about the people. You can be on the most expensive date in the world, but if you’re not with good company, it’s just going to be a waste of money. Go out, have fun, and “tell ’em Bernie sent ya”!